Pick’em 2016


FOOTBALL IS BACK! This is our first weekly reminder to get your picks in for tomorrow night’s game. Super Bowl rematch and probably the only TNF game worth watching all year. Let’s get it.

For those of us returning, thank you for coming back. This promises to be our best year ever. As a refresher and for the new guys here is what you need to know

  1. Pay structure is the same as last year. Weekly winner gets $5. At the end of the year 1st place gets 70% 2nd, 20% and 3rd 10%.
  2. Picks lock 5 minutes before the kick off for each game. So you can pick TNF games on Thursday, Sunday games on Sunday,  Monday games, monday night, etc. Fill out the tiebreakers too. If you can’t figure it out, good, I already have money from most of you.
  3. We drop your lowest score. So if you’re drunk and forget 1 week, you’re ok.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SAVE on your picks each week. Otherwise, your picks won’t be entered and there is nothing I can do about it. If you allow commish to edit your picks (which I highly encourage) I can make your picks if you are away from your computer/phone.

Which leads me to my next point, a few changes this year.

Changes: Pick’em is FINALLY on the Yahoo Fantasy App this year. Making it easier for everyone. I wrote Yahoo support about this 1000 times last year, you’re welcome.

The other change is that all of our weekly reminders will be posted on this website. I will email the link out every Wednesday, you will then come here, click on everything, maybe sign up and comment, and share the site with your friends so I can make a million dollars and waive the entry for everyone in the future.

Lastly, most of you have paid already, but to those who have not. Quickpay/paypal/venmo $25 to pts630@gmail.com

Any questions, call/text/email me. The Browns travel to Philly this week to play a D1-AA Quarterback, which is fitting because we have a D1-AA defense. Philly seems to be doing a great Cleveland Browns impression as they’ve turned into a shit show, so wouldn’t shock me if we pull one out here and I have to deal with the excitement of being 1-0.

Best of luck to all and thanks for playing!

Dick Picks