Inside Scoop

Any inside jokes that have developed throughout the duration of Folbies will be explained here. For example, Paul Depodesta, the Browns Chief Strategy Officer, is portrayed in the film Moneyball by Jonah Hill. Almost as embarrassing as it gets. So if I ever refer to Jonah Hill, I’m picturing Jonah’s fat face in my mind, but actually speaking about the Browns CSO.



The Scary Scale: The Scary Scale was first invented when referencing the 2015 Broncos defense (they received a rating of 10). The scale is below.

  1. Laying on my hammock
  2. Laying on my couch but I have some homework to do
  3. Taking a girl on a first date
  4. Meeting dad
  5. Pissed off my hockey coach
  6. Its 11:50, paper is due at Midnight
  7. I’m openly cheating on this test
  8. Purchasing Plan B-Pill
  9. I almost got caught jerking off
  10. Pregnancy test