Folbies is a Cleveland Sports blog that tries to embody and articulate the emotion of the Cleveland Sports fan, by providing comedic and slightly educating blogs on the beloved city of Cleveland.

How it all started:

On the 8th day, god created NFL Redzone…

Folbies started as an NFL pick-em league amongst friends that has turned into an internet empire. The league is simple; pick winners of NFL games each week. Entry was $25, winners each week took home $5 and the top three at the end of the year took the rest of the pot.

Each week an email was sent out to the group with a short write up making fun of the person who won that week and giving a recap and prediction of the Cleveland Browns performance. As time passed, the write ups got progressively better and started to be recognized as the go to source for humor and Browns knowledge.

For the first time ever, the archives are now on display for the world to see and the support from the original Folbies group has inspired what is now Cleveland’s very own media empire.

Bury me in Cleveland folks. Enjoy.