Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 9

Pick reminder for tonight and Sunday games. Scamalamadingdong vs Rapeliesburger. Should actually be a decent game.

The winning circle stays on the west coast as Grady pics up a dub from Santa Monica. First, something nice about our friend, the best way to describe his situation below the belt is with one word – hog. Congrats, friend. Now, what kind of horrible things can I say about this man? Quite a bit actually but I’ll cut to the chase. Sophomore year of university, a group of us were at my apartment after a night on the town. Grady was happened to be canoodling on my couch with a young woman, I happened to be half asleep on the other couch. Before he proceeded with his canoodling, being the true gentlemen that he is, Grady pokes his head up out of this girls face and says “Hey, are you asleep?” I responded with “I can be if you want me to be” and Grady’s grimy ass proceeded to plow some grimy chick with me half asleep on the other couch. Grady is now engaged (to a different woman), congrats to him! Also here is footage of him getting absolutely SMOKED in high school: 

Looking Back: The Chiefs are good.

Moving Forward: The Browns are not, and that is likely why Dez Bryant just signed with the Saints. He obviously knew someone other than the heaping pile of dog poop would call and that’s the New Orleans Saints. Football is fun when you aren’t a Browns fan.

Good luck in week 10!

– Dick Picks

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