Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 8

1-6 vs 1-7 tonight and we are in the point of the season where essentially every game sucks because basically 28 of the 32 teams suck. Here is a look at the match ups we have by record this week: 1-6 @ 1-7 | 3-4 @ 5-2 | 3-4 @ 5-2 | 3-4 @ 4-3-1 | 4-3 @ 2-6 | 3-5 @ 4-4 | 7-1 @ 2-5-1 (Go Browns!) | 4-2-1 @ 4-4 | 5-3 @ 3-5 | 5-2 @ 4-3 | 8-0 @ 6-1 (football, yay!) | 3-3-1 @ 6-2 | 3-4 @ 3-4 | Yet we still watch every disgusting game.

Another week another win for PGMF he now enters rare air as a 3-time winner. Only the greats have pulled off such a feat, I don’t know everyone off the top of my head but I believe @SouthBeachDan is one of those members. Regardless I cannot roast this man, anymore, I could expose the amount of money he has had me funnel his bookie over the past month, but let’s be honest, everyone here has probably combined to pay a year harvard tuition in losses. This is a callout for all of you dumb fucks to be better. PGMF is a fat, hairy, lazy MF like myself and we are making him look like a man amongst boys. Be better, all of you.

Looking Back: Well… that didn’t go as planned…. Goodnight Hue Jackson, goodbye Todd Haley you crazy motherfucker.

Moving Forward: The Browns are now being led by a certifeid nut job in Greg Williams – anyone who watched hard knocks knows this guy is unstable. Is he the right guy for the job? No idea, but I do know that the Cheifs are coming to town to whoop the living shit out of us and G-Will may just be the guy to do something crazy and kill Patrick Mahomes. Lock of the week – Bills +10

Good luck in week 9 gents!

– Dick Picks

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