Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 6

Broncos – Cardinals, does anyone actually want to watch that game? I don’t. Reminder this week we have a London game, make sure you get picks in before the early start.

Week 5 welcomes a fan favorite Pwamps to the winner’s circle. We already know Pwamps slings sandwiches for a living and we already know his morals are looser than some sloppy roast beef. We also already know he sometimes makes freaky fast deliveries to college dorms and sometimes he FUCKS TEENAGERS IN DORM ROOMS brings extra mayo. What we didn’t know is that back in 8th grade he used to go help mentally challenged kids during their PE hour, how nice, right? Except for the fact that everyday before going to see his special friends, he’d get a handjob under the table at lunch and hide his boner with a lunch bag. Is Pwamps a sex addict? Unclear. Is Pwamps for the kids? Yes. Congrats on the $10 you sick fuck.

Looking Back: When the NFL rigs your games and 3 of the 5 go to OT, you run out of gas. Phillip Rivers avenged his 2016 loss when we went 1-16 and beat him on Christmas eve. I’m over it.

Moving Forward: Here’s what I know about the Tampa Bay Bucs, their defense sucks. Hell, they gave up 48 points to Mitch Trubisky’s pre-prubesenct ass. Thus I see Baker putting up 58. Lock up the Browns +3, lock up the over.

Good luck gents!

– Dick Picks

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