Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 5

Pick reminder for tonight’s game between the Giants and the Eagles and all other games.

Week 5 and we have a tragedy. Fuckboy Michelle Kwan won with 12 points. I finished with 11 and mysteriously picked against the Browns which was obviously not my intention. I would have won and all of you would have gotten to roast me. Instead we have to read about Kwan’s dumbass who is currently fucking around in vegas. Anyway, Kwan is a known predator and used to get it anytime, anywhere. For example an behind a dumpster in an alley with a girl who belonged there. Or some fellatio from a girl with braces… Dumpsters, braces, this man should be behind bars. Fuck you Kwan.

Looking Back: Ssuck my ass Flacco! That game shouldn’t have gone to overtime it should have been a blowout. But sometimes we drop passes – HIT THE JUGS DAVID! – and sometimes the NFL rigs the games. Took until the 4th quarter for a penalty to be called against the Ravens. The fix was in and my boy Bake still won.

Moving Forward: Train is rolling now, there is no stopping us. I love Phil Rivers crazy 15 kids-having, bolo tie-wearing ass, but this won is going to end in another Baker victory.

On to week six, pick up sticks.

– Dick Picks

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