Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 4

Reminder to make your selections for tonight’s huge rivalry game between the Colts and the Pats which hasn’t actually been a rivalry since 2010 and was never even really a rivalry because the Colts are like 2-10 against Tom Brady BUT GET EXCITED ITS COLTS-PATS!

Week four and my good friend Playoffbrownsareback (jeff) finally got a W and I don’t just mean in Folbies I mean in life. Jeff is known for his good dance moves and great hair which used to serve him well with the ladies. However, since making the choice to go from #FunJeff – guy fucked – to #HonestJeff, Jeff has royally sucked ass and is zero fun to be around. Congrats on your win but I am not paying you until you bring back #FunJeff and go talk to a girl.

Looking Back: It’s hard to beat a team and the refs on the road. Some ABSURD officiating in last week’s game and honestly I don’t wanna get into it cuz I’ll just start yelling at my computer. In all honesty though, game was over and if the refs don’t overturn that spot on 3rd down even when replay confirmed the first down, we win that game. Fucking fuck.

Moving Forward: Baker’s second against and I fully expect Bake and Dez Bryant to light it up. Oh that’s right we haven’t signed him yet. Figure it out guys! For real though, if we don’t play the Ravens AND the Refs this week, we win. Flaccid Flacco can sssuck my ass.

Week five is live! We are past the quarter point of the season and woof, I’m upset!

– Dick Picks


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