Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 2

PAY ME! We have one left who is unpaid. You know who you are.

Tomorrow my beloved Browns are showcased on thursday night football more on that in a minute, but get your picks in for that game and every other game

Week two welcomes PGMF (Andrew) to the winners circle. New to Foblies, Drew wasted no time in picking up his first win or in picking a very fitting nickname for himself – assuming PGMF stands for Pretty Gay MotherFucker. Drew just know that here at Folbies, we love and support all kinds, colors, and sexual orientations. Please use the $10 from this treat yourself in whatever the hottest bar BoysTown in San Diego has to offer. We won’t tell your lady or your dad, what happens in Folbies stays in Folbies (yes, I googled Boys Town San Diego, you get some interesting results).

Looking Back: RIP to Zane Gonzalez and LOL to everyone who texted me Sunday worried that the Saints losing would screw up your parlays. Just because we were on Hard Knocks doesn’t mean we aren’t still the Cleveland Browns. Never in my mind did I even contemplate winning on Sunday and at no point did I think it could even be a possibility. Even if Zane hits all of his kicks, Drew Brees finds a way to beat us at the end of that game. BUT Zane misses his kicks because we’re the Browns and now he’s out of a job. Nice play you fucking kicker

Moving Forward: Live look at Clevland Thursday night…

We will beat the Jets on Thursday. Lock it up. Throw away the key. Thank me later.

Best of luck in week three gents!

– Dick Picks


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