Pick'em 2018

Folbies Pick’em 2018 Weekly Write Up – Week 1

Welcome home boys, it feels good to be here. This is your first weekly write up and pick reminder for the 2018-2019 football season and for those of you familiar with our regularly scheduled program here at Folbies, I think I can speak for everyone when I say it’s good to officially be back.

PAY ME! For those of you who haven’t paid – 4 people – pay up. I will publicly shame you after week 3. Also, we have a new member (I think) whose username is texans!!! And it belongs to someone named Ryan. Does anyone claim this mans? He hid his email therefore he will not be receiving this and I have no idea who it is.

Ok onto the good stuff. Thursday night football is back tonight so get your picks in for Ginger Dick Dalton vs Flaccid Flacco and make sure you pick all the other games too. Unlike me who forgot to make picks in my own league #Cleveland.

Our first win of the season goes to The Big Dogs (Jerry). A product of Chicago’s southside, Jerry is one polish motherfucker. In true polish fashion he won via the tiebreaker and in true polish fashion he hasn’t paid yet. So Jerry, pay me $15 and use that $10 you saved to go treat yourself at the G-Spot or whatever the fuck the white sox are calling their stadium these days. That $10 should cover a ticket, beer, six hotdogs, a pierogi and you should actually have change leftover to spill some helmet ice cream on yourself before you leave.

Looking Back: We! Didn’t! Lose! That’s right boys, unlike the Bears (LOL) we were the team to erase a double digit lead and then line up in overtime and knock a game winning field goal right into the hands of Pittsburgh’s D-line. Naturally I have a lot of mixed emotions. When we went to OT I said out loud “Ha, watch this end in a tie!” then immediately realized we would tie, because well, Cleveland. Both teams actively tried to lose that game. We didn’t win. But we didn’t lose.

As for the Bears… Most of you here are Bears fans and I legitimately do hope that none of you ever thought you were actually going to win that game. Yes, if DeShone Kizer had stayed in (WHO FUCKING SUCKS BTW) you would have probably won 45-0 because all he does is turn the ball over. But the minute Aaron Rodgers walked out, I placed my live bet on the Packers and went to sleep. Also LOL Deshone Kizer, dude goes 3 for 3 then turns the ball over twice in less time than it took Danica to wreck in the 500 this year.

Moving Forward: I watched 0 minutes of the Saints/Bucs game but if Fitzmagic can win in NOLA, why can’t Myles Garrett who produced 14 of our 21 points Tyrod Taylor?? The answer is simple, he can! Look for Drew Brees to maybe die. Or more than likely look for the Saints to hang 40 on us.

The Bears are back on National TV next week… No chance that ends poorly. Good luck out there in week two boys

– Dick Picks


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