Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 16

Sadly, this is our last pick reminder. I will send out an email next week announcing winners but for the last time in 2017, please get your picks in for each game this weekend.

Week 16 and Thank you Bobby (Bob) gets back in the winner’s circle. Bob is a two-time winner who is a consistent performer both in the Folbies and in the bedroom – a sex tracker was implemented over his latest vacation and the numbers are both impressive and painful. While Bobby is currently doing the “hit it and keep hitting it” thing with his GF (congrats), he has many times lacked the ability to “hit it and quit it.” For example, if you got drunk one night and slept with one of your teammate’s GF, you should prolly just hit that and quit that. You definitely SHOULD NOT keep hitting that until they break up, start dating her, try to keep it a secret, and have him threaten you via text message in a Chipotle parking lot. BUT I’m not Bob, I’m not having sex on a tropical vacation, and I’m not winning Folbies twice a year every year. So keep doing you Bobby, here’s $10 maybe buy some lube or something.

Looking Back: The Bears beat the Browns in possibly the most forgettable game played all year. Sometimes I wonder how the NFL still allows us a team.

Moving Forward:  Welcome to the black parade! I fully anticipate the 0-16 parade to happen because unless God shows up, the Steelers will taking a poop on us this weekend. Is it draft day yet?

Good luck in the last week of the year!

– Dick Picks


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