Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 15

I blinked and it was week 15, then I cried. Sad to think we only have two games left. No Thursday night football tonight? What the hell is going on out here!? Regardless we have Saturday football (which sucks IMO) so don’t forget picks for those games.

In week 15 Jared’s Picks (Jared) was just ok in by far the easiest week to pick games – avg score this week was 11.6, the avg score for the season is 9.1. So credit to Jared for winning but not really. That said, I am happy for Jared because this man needs a confidence boost. Jared recently moved back to Chicago after a failed modeling career in LA. He spends a few months living with his parents and finally moves back into the city only to get friend-zoned by an old crush, RIP Jared. This however, came as no surprise, Jared brings nothing to the table. He is tall and decent looking but he is the equivalent of a house cat – he’s just kinda there, no one wants to play with him, no one is really happy he’s there, but none-the-less, he’s there. I hope this win and the $10 give you the confidence to approach a nice Chicago 6 and ask her on a date. Shoot for the stars bud! Unless those stars are a modeling career in LA.

Looking Back: Hue Jackson publicly wondered if DeShone “will ever get it.” Kinda like how I wonder if Jared will ever get it… Spoiler alert Hue, he wont. Please play Kessler so we can win 1 fucking game.

Moving Forward:  The Browns invade Chicago and of course I’ll be in Cleveland for the annual “Blackout: Christmas in Cleveland 2017” all of which are invited to join btw. But only join if you like Christmas Ale, loose morals, and strange women. Otherwise I would be at Solider Field playing QB shirtless/getting arrested for running on the field and trying to play QB shirtless.

Merry Christmas boys!

– Dick Picks


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