Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 13

Saints – Falcons this Thursday, might be the first Thursday game worth actually watching. Get your picks in!

In week 13 we saw The Faj (Dad) edge out his nephew Dsciortino in tiebreaker. How do you roast your Dad? You don’t – I know Santa isn’t the one buying my Christmas presents. So instead, we tip our cap to The Faj! Many of us have great memories with this man. He has partied at The 613, he came down for one night of our Senior Spring Break – he had to be dragged out of his bed by hotel staff the next morning so he could make his flight – and no one will ever forget his Hall of Fame performance at my 21st birthday, which ended with three nice African American females at our house. S/o to my Dad, I could easily keep the the money but I’m sending you $10 because you raised a man of integrity.

Looking Back: I’ve called for this before but I would like group member Michelle Kwan to take over QB duties for the Browns. If you can’t hit Josh Gordon on a fly route you don’t deserve to play QB in the NFL. We had a legitimate chance to win that game Sunday but Kizer couldn’t hit water if he fell off a boat. So 19-10 we lose again

Moving Forward:  Call me crazy! At least you’re calling!!! I think the Browns beat the Packers this week.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

– Dick Picks


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