Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 12

Redskins vs the Cowboys this Thursday, get your picks in!

Week 12: On the eve of a championship both myself and Whitey braced for what surely would be one of our first titles of the year. Then the sun came up Tuesday and a gay teenager from California – Haber29 (Daniel) – had taken our crown. How could this be? All finishing with 14 points, Daniel, or Dadoe as his mother calls him (still), had won via tiebreaker. Excited as ever he texted me, “did I win?” I informed him the other group members wanted to DQ him on account of “liking dick.” However, I was quickly reminded that nowhere in the rules does it say you can’t like dick. Here at Folbies we welcome all, congrats to Dadoe! $10 is yours enjoy boys night!

Looking Back: Once, there was no cover, then late, there was a cover! And with seven minutes and change, the Browns needed one stop to get the ball back and secure that cover! Hell they could’ve scored and won the game too but let’s be realistic about this. Instead, 80 yards later Joe Mixon trots into the end zone and alas, there was no cover. GO BROWNS!

Moving Forward:  RT: REPOST: Josh Gordon is back and going to play QB, CB, WR, TE, and LT. Hooray for us!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

– Dick Picks


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