Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 11

Happy Turkey Day gentlemen. I hope all of you eat until yourself into a coma paired with football and family. Three games tomorrow so don’t forget to make your picks.

Apologies for the lack of write up last week, I was in China hanging out with Donnie Does at this sharks game. While I am slightly disappointed I didn’t make the final cut, it is cool knowing he has footage of me yelling like a maniac at the CBA. Regardless, lets take some time to recognize the winners from this week and last.

Week 10 we saw the Tuna (Brandon) took home the title. As a single man, Tuna is ironically the one trying to reel the tuna in. A few years back as he was prepping for a Tinder date with former Folbies member Jared I., the Tuna ripped a few shots just to loosen up a bit. Jared decided to egg him on (way to go jer) and got Tuna a little drunk before the date. Jared texted him good luck after he left and the Tuna responded with something along the lines of “Dude, I ain’t even worried, been on so many of these dates, I got this one in the bag already.” Except he didn’t send that to Jared, he sent it to the girl he was taking out. The date ended after appetizers.

Week 11 brings a familiar face back into the winner’s circle as TJudge (Tom) takes home the bacon. Longtime hold out and rumored to be gay, Tom is now dating a woman – Yes, I have met her, no, it is not a man. While he may still be gay (hope so) we are happy for Tom’s newfound success. Over the past few years Tom has been a habitual bed wetter and was known to wake up in various locations without his clothes and sometimes phone. While he may be growing up, he still almost killed me with fart Sunday night, so here’s 10 bucks, buy some shampoo for your car seat.

Looking Back: Just when we thought there was hope, there was no hope. Then there was hope again and then there was none, again. Deshone, if you’re out there, throw the football to the people wearing orange and when you get hit, don’t drop it on the ground, its that simple.

Moving Forward:  REPOST: Josh Gordon is back and going to play QB, CB, WR, TE, and LT. Hooray for us!

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I love you all and we all love football. Special shout out to Sean Salisbury (Mike H), he’s had a tough week, send him some nudes.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

– Dick Picks


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