Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 6

I do not apologize for the lack of write up last week. I was dead, I am still dead and God hates me and my city.

Moving forward we have a terrific Thursday night matchup between Oakland and Kansas City. Should be a good one so make sure you get your picks in.

We take time to recognize the week 5 winner Younghoe Koo who is our first and only asian Folbies winner/former NFL kicker (released by LA on 10/6). As a young boy, Younghoe conquered the American Football Kicking world of South Korea thoguh his luck was not so great on American soil. After just 4 games in the  NFL he was released but just so happened to win Folbies the next week. $10 has been sent to the Koo family back in South Korea. Younghoe can collect when he returns to his country for his mandatory military service

Week 6 winner is America’s very own Fat Tits  Jamie Collins Sr. (Jace). Jace is old, still kinda fat, and very washed up. A man with little athleticism to begin with with has done nothing but waste away in his first full year of marriage. Jace is currently attempting a rebrand and went out and bought an Escalade. I have no doubt in my mind that Jace will take this $10, hop in his Caddy and go straight to Wing Stop. Congrats on the win sir, remember you can’t eat the bone.

Looking Back: Everyone sucks except for Miles Garrett

Moving Forward: 0-7

Best of luck!

– Dick Picks


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