Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 4

Remember, Lord, your people, especially those for whom we now pray…. for the men holding a Redskins +7 ticket, we pray to the lord. “Lord hear our prayer.” For those holding under 48 tickets we pray to the lord. “Lord hear our prayer.” And to those holding Redskins +7 and Chiefs ML/Under Parlay tickets we pray to the lord. “Lord hear our prayer.”

Moving on from an ending some of us will never forget, we look forward to TNF and the Patriots (who suck) against the Bucs (who maybe don’t suck). Get your picks in for this one and all the others

Congrats to our week 4 winner, In Mitch We Trust (Stephen). And how fitting it is that Chicago is now ready to trust Mitch. And by trust they mean watch him lose instead of Mike Glennon. Seriously though, starting a rookie on MNF on the road against one of the top defenses in the league, what could go wrong?!?

Regardless, we take a minute to honor our friend Stephen a nice Irish man raised by loving parents in the north suburbs of Chicago. Stephen enjoys spending time with his brothers, eating red meat, and making people laugh. But his two favorite things in life are easily Guinness Draught and downloading porn. In a world where any video – pornographic or not – can be streamed within seconds, this man chooses to download full-length feature pornographic films. Why is he downloading them? What is he saving them for? Who does he have trapped in his basement? All questions I hope to never find out. Congrats on your win Stephen, $10 is yours to buy a Brazzers password, please share with the group.

Looking Back: Poop.

Moving Forward: So far the Browns have gotten to play the Colts, the 0-3 Bengals and now we get the Jets at home. If we don’t win this one (and we probably won’t) we may never win again. Go Tribe!

Better luck next week, head on a swivel!

– Dick Picks


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