Pick'em 2017

Folbies Pick’em 2017 Weekly Write Up – Week 2

Week two in the books, how bout them Bears!? Even better than the Bears, the TNF matchup between the Rams and the GOAT, Brian Hoyer. Everyone knows the 49ers suck, but Hoyer vs Goff? GIVE ME HOYER! Get your picks in for that and all other games.

Good news, everyone has paid, except Mitchell the Bitchell Trubisky (Patrick G.). Shame! Shame! Shame!

Congrats to our week 2 winner, Jarvis’ Dirty Landry. The story about to be told is so horrible, we will be using a fake name, so for now, let’s just call him, Clifford. A lot of nice things can be said about Clifford. Good golfer, dresses well, he is tall, looks like a cross between a young Clint Eastwood and a Kennedy. All good things. So it is no surprise our friend Clifford was able to hand pick his GF out of a room (true story, I watched it happen). Most things about his GF are great but there is one peculiar thing and this is not a knock on her, rather a knock on our friend Clifford. Clifford’s GF has a male roommate…

I didn’t say it, Clifford, Steve Carell did…

The story doesn’t end here folks. It has only just begun. Clifford and the GF were out one night having a few barely pops. The night came to an end and the happy couple stops at good old McDonalds on the way home. Clifford thinks he is fueling up for some TV-MA nudity. GF has other ideas. Clif makes his advance, GF is having none of it and she shoos him away. I’ll make no guesses as to why, we’ve all been there and I do have some respect for Clif (David Lindhagen cuckholded him!). It is what Clifford did next that will live infamy. Dejected he retreats to the couch and well, there is no great way to say this folks, Cliff grabbed the empty McDonald’s bag and beat off into it. I can’t decide if that is more disrespectful to McDonalds or yourself. I hope you at least left it on Lindhagen’s bed or something. $10 can get you a lot of McChickens bud, enjoy!

Looking Back: The Browns still suck.

Moving Forward: Browns vs Colts in the race for last place! If were gonna win a game in September, this could be the one…

Best of luck in week 3!

– Dick Picks


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