Pick'em 2017

Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

The boys are back in town! And if there is one thing we have learned it is to never hate on the brodies!

Welcome back to Folbies International Pick’em, hands down the best pick’em league in the nation. Football is back, roasts are back, diabetes is back, what could be better?

This is your first weekly reminder to get your picks in before tonight’s game and the Sunday slate as well. Couple quick reminders for our newbies:

  • Pick winners every week for every game – this is NOT against the spread, it is straight up, super easy right? WRONG!
  • We will drop the lowest score of the season. So if you shit the bed one week, maybe you couldn’t lay off the WEEEDDUUHH and you picked the Browns, or maybe you have one too many adult beverages on a Saturday and miss the early slate, whatever it is, you get one fuck up
  • DOWNLOAD THE APP/Allow me to edit your picks!!!!! Most Sundays I will be available to help if you can’t enter them yourself but I can’t do shit if you don’t allow the commish to edit your picks. Obviously I won’t fuck with any of your regular picks, not because I have integrity but because it will show that I edited them. Additionally  you can pick from the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app which solves all these problems
  • Pay me – venmo @paulscior | quickpay and paypal pts630@gmail.com. Most of you have paid but for those who haven’t get it in
  • RULE CHANGE – we are upping the weekly payout from $5 to $10. All opposed can kindly fuck off.

Very excited to be back for another year. We can all expect some great roasts, some close tiebreakers, bobby to pick all favorites every week, the Patriots to win their 80th Super Bowl and the Browns to drive me off the wall as the do every year…

Speaking of the Browns… Look for them to lose by a million vs the Steelers this week. Myles Garrett’s injury is as real as my Ferarri. Between that and trading Joe Haden, it is clear the Browns are in full tank mode once again. Take the Steelers, lay the points, thank me later.


-Dick Picks


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