Back to Reality – Diamondbacks Series Review

Well that sucked. Three wins in Texas followed quickly by three losses in Arizona. What do we make of what we just saw? Well Arizona is now 6-1 after being one of the worst teams in the league. So maybe we just hit a hot team at the wrong time? I mean if Shelby Miller is back, he and Greinke are no joke, but not winning on Sunday is unacceptable. It’s still early so I am not going to freak out, but if this was June, I would freak out.

Starting Pitching

Bauer and Tomlin both looked solid until the third time through the order, then the wheels fell off. I am going to chalk that up to the fact that it is early, it is a long season and guys are still working themselves into shape. That said, in about two weeks that excuse goes out the window and we will need our pitches to be more effective on that third pass.  We can’t rely on our bullpen the entire season or everyone will be dead come October.  Everyone should have gotten more run support including Kluber, who turned in a quality start and should’ve gotten a win Sunday.


…. Yeah that about sums it up. 7 Runs in 3 games.


Carlos Santana is not an outfielder. I know there are talks of him perhaps playing a bit out there if he isn’t DH’ing or playing 1st, but I don’t see it. He misplayed a ball in right on Friday night that didn’t cost us the game since we were already down but helped to extend the Arizona lead. I get throwing him out there in a National League park but I’d rather not see this become a regular thing.


We didn’t look great in any facet, bullpen kind of gets a pass since most of the innings came when the games were out of hand, but we did keep it close Sunday to give ourselves a chance.

Series Feather

Corey Kluber. Quality start out of Kluber, had the Indians hit at all he likely would’ve gotten a win. Instead he picks up his first loss of the year, but picked up his first hit too, and that’s enough to get the series feather when you get swept.

Looking Ahead

White Sox come to town and boy am I happy to see James Shields. Dude is flat out not very good. He’s had an incredibly heavy workload throughout his career and simply put, he is running on E now. I expect the Indians bats to fire up early and often in this series as we will avoid the best of the Chicago rotation in Rodon and Quintana. Tribe will toss Carrasco, Salazar and Tomlin. I expect a sweep but will settle for a series win.



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