Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 15

Weekly pick reminder. Giants and Eagles playing as we speak, so my bad there. Anyway, games are on Saturday this week so don’t fuck that up.

Week 15 winner is #Kroenkecanburninthefiresofhell (Brian S.). Brian, if you cannot tell from his nickname, is from St. Louis and recently suffered the worst fate known to man – losing your NFL team. Now, part of me says well Brian played college soccer, so he deserves this, he’s basically European. But Brian is a dear friend and a kind man and there are certainly zero similarities between St. Louis and Europe… unless Europe was recently engulfed in strip clubs and river boat casinos. Either way, Brian, you’re gonna get off mildly easy in your year of morning. This $5 wont bring your happiness back and frankly, nothing will. At least you aren’t a Browns fan.

Looking Back: Lotta people saying the Browns could win last week. LOL guys. You are all dumb motherfuckers. The Bills may be a shit show, but RG3 winning in Buffalo? We’ll see football in St. Louis again before we ever see RG3 win a game in Buffalo.

Moving Forward: THIS. IS. THE. WEEK. The Chargers playing on a short week and a 10am kickoff body time in the shitty shitty shitty Cleveland weather. The Chargers are decimated by injury and the Browns HAVE to win a game. This has to be the week. It has to. If Phillip Rivers wive can birth 9 children without dying, the Cleveland Browns can win a football game.

Good luck to all, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and for our Jewish friends a happiest of hannakahs. La haiiam!

– Dick Picks


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