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It Has Been A Full Calendar Year Since The Browns Won A Football Game, Give Me Jay Cutler


The Cleveland Browns have now gone a full 365 days since they won a football game. That includes preseason too. Our last win came at home on December 13th. 2015 against the lowly 49ers. Johnny Manziel (my dear friend) got the nod and though Austin Davis, Robert Griffin III, Josh McCown, and Cody Kessler have tried, the fact of the matter is, the last man to win a football game in Cleveland is Johnny Manziel.

Johnny deserved better from the Browns and the Browns deserved better from Johnny. I will always remember him and love him. Moving on.

The Browns have more starting QB’s than wins this year. But the plan is set, and I for one am ok with it. I don’t wanna lose every game and we might and I’ll cry wont. The point is, we are gonna load up again in this years draft and wait two years or so for this talent to pan out.

That said, we are still missing one big thing – a quarterback. Kessler hasn’t been terrible, but he isn’t the future. Hugh Jackson needs a guy to push the ball down field. So what are we gonna do?

Do you want DeShaun? DeShone? Lamar? Jake from Washington State Farm?

DeShaun Watson – Clemson – 6’2″ 205 – Two consecutive CFP appearances:  Maybe

DeShone Kizer – 6’4″ 229 – Led Notre Dame to a 4-8 season (LOL): Hard pass


Resounding yes.

Lamar Jackson – 6’3″ 205 – Louisville – Won Heisman Trophy – Struggles with the english language: Pass

Jake – 6’2″ 209 – From State Farm


My mind is telling me no, but my body… my body’s telling me yes!!!

Bottom line is, no QB in this draft is a clear cut number 1 and the Browns have already said they will probably pass on a QB anyways.

So where do we go? Jay Cutler ladies and gentlemen. He needs us, we need him. He deserves us, we deserve him. It is a match made in heaven. We deserve a real quarterback who can accurately throw a football more than 30 yards. Will he throw mind numbing interceptions to cripple our team’s chances of winning games? Yes, yes he will. But is that new to Cleveland? No. The best way to learn is from your mistakes. Jay will never learn, but maybe his predecessor that we draft in 2 years can.

On a serious note, Jay can chuck. Look what Hugh Jackson did with Andy Dalton and even AJ McAarron in Cincy, two guys who can chuck the ball down field. I want Jay. I need Jay and I don’t see any other QB’s walking through that door (I mean real QB’s not RG3 or Kevin Hogan).

Jay bridges our gap from no QB to young franchise QB and meanwhile  revives his career in Cleveland and gets traded to a contender. Match made in heaven. How does Jay feel about coming to Cleveland???


Us too Jay, us too… Now please, lead us to 6-10 next year!!

Lastly, for all you Tony Romo fans out there, no shot. The only sure thing in this life is that Tony Romo will die if he plays for the Browns. Dude is already hurt every year behind the undisputed best o-line in the league. Romo and RG3 belong south of the Ohio River at all times.

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