Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 13

Weekly pick reminder. Chiefs and RRRAAAAIIIDDDEEERSS this Thursday night. In case you haven’t heard, I am a Raiders fans now so go Oakland!

Week 12 winner is #ThankYouBobby (Bob A). Finally, Bobby has lost via tiebreaker more than anyone I know. That said he finally broke through and currently leads our league. #ThankYouBobby is a hashtag I am unfamiliar with though I am almost certain it is what every 22 year old lady in Indianapolis texts him the morning after. Many hashtags have been associated with our friend Bob including the original #ProudOfBobby due to the increased sex having he experienced in 2015 and early 2016. A “cold spell” has brought us #MakeBobbyGreatAgain which came to fruition recently prompting #BobbyHavinSex. So Bob, congrats, $5 is yours is finally yours. #BobbyBuyinCondoms should be your next hashtag however, unlike Folbies, you’re better off never breaking through or else it’s #BabyByBobby.

Looking Back: Bye week, lets see what RG3 did…


He ran around New York with his girlfriend wearing matching shoes and a stupid hat taking pictures with street people. That is not my quarterback.

Moving Forward: Andy Dalton’s lame ass enters the thunder dome. Dalton looked GREAT last week ripping up the Eagles for 10.7 Yards per dropback… not per pass… per drop back. So naturally being the NFL the Bengals will come out and stink this week. HOWEVER, the Browns aren’t an NFL team so Bengals win 27-13.

Good luck gents, be careful Bob.

– Dick Picks


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