Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 12

Weekly pick reminder. Vikings take on Dak Lives Matter tonight. Should be a great game. Again, please forget so that I can continue to rise in the standings.

Our winner for Week 10 was motherfucking Shane Falco (James), again. This is the third time he has won the weekly contest. He is only the second person ever to win three weeks in a year. James, I am not going to make fun of you this week. I cannot, you are in first place and clearly are asserting your dominance. Cleveland is Believeland and I believe in you. Please hit me up with whatever cheat code you have so I can use it to make millions. Brothers gotta hug, man.

Looking Back: The Giants could’ve easily lost that game last weekend. The Browns won almost every facet of the game, except the scoreboard. Longer possession, more yards, more first downs, more robberies, and more plays from scrimmage. Yet came up short because we lost 3 fumbles which may be something we should address. That said, RG3 got robbed and I for one can do nothing but laugh. Bro, you don’t just leave a wad of cash in your car and hand it off to the team valet when you’re o-11 and haven’t played all year. If you had 3 wins, maybe we dont rob you. But step in to Cleveland, lose every game, and leave cash sitting in your car and you will be robbed. Lucky you weren’t jumped. Bud. Stay fucking woke Robbie.

Also I predicted 28-10 and it was 27-13, not bad, eh?

Moving Forward: Bye week. Impossible to lose on the bye week right? WRONG. Last year we lost Johnny Manziel after he got caught flying to Texas to party for the 5 minutes he had to get the fuck out of Cleveland. With Johnny gone, Josh Gordon out of the picture, RG3 already being robbed, I don’t know what else could happen during our off week, but I am sure we will find something.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to my parents, if either of you are reading this, I am a Raiders fan now, please buy me a Raiders jersey for Christmas and a one-way ticket to Oakland. Thanks!

Best of luck out there boys!

– Dick Picks


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