Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 11

Weekly pick reminder. THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!! THREE GAMES TOMORROW!!! Please forget so that I can make a move and gain some ground.

Our winner for Week 9 was not actually Pat’s Winners. In the first ever Folbies Recount, Paul’s a slob (Brian M.) actually won via the tiebreaker. Pat was a point ahead going into MNF and told me he picked the G-Men so after won I didn’t even check. He actually picked the Bengals and lost to Brian. So all the horrible things I said about Pat are still true, but he isn’t $5 richer. Brian however, is and for it, he will be called out accordingly. Brian donned the nickname “Big Ugs” in high school for a good reason, kid just looks like sin. Large, uncoordinated, and a face only a mother could love. Brian used his aggression from constant rejection on the football field and blocked his way to two All-Big Ten honors at Northwestern. Since his playing days, he has shed quite a bit of weight but as the old saying goes, I’m fat, you’re ugly, I can lose weight. Well in this case, Brian was both. From Big Ugs to Little Ugs to Folbies weekly winner. What a ride. Congrats Brian.

As for week 10, Jace401k finally claimed the elusive title. Jace used to be the cool kid. In high school he jizzed his pants at a highschool dance (true story), at Butler he was the Big Man On Campus playing d-line and humping anything with legs. Kid was so cool he used to use his blackberry to send the same 1am, “Hey, what you doing” text to 12 girls at once, knowing that blackberrys dont start group chats. Talk about pimping. Girls drunk 4’s wanted him, guys wanted to make sure they didn’t hook up with anything he touched be him. Ah but those days are long gone. Jace moved to Florida and got married to a surprisingly wonderful and beautiful bride (must have been black mail). Jace now spends his days gambling alone and hoping to win Folbies. Congrats sir, $5 is yours, hope this goes towards your next $20 hooters wings order that you eat alone in front of 3 TVs on a Saturday night.

Looking Back: The Browns lose to the Steelers and were officially eliminated from the playoffs, even though the Browns really eliminated themselves from the playoffs the day we signed RG3.

Moving Forward: Browns vs Giants this week. Fun fact, I once watched cash cab and the guy was from New York. They asked him “What state is the Land of 10,000 lakes?” His answer…. “aaahhh…. New York City!” Well the d-bags of New York are almost as dumb as Eli Manning. Eli is the only QB I have ever watched who I think is elite one drive and the next I think he may have down syndrome. Seriously, watch a Giants game this year (not this one, this is a scrimmage) it’s baffling. Just thought I would share that. Giants win 28 – 10.

Happy thanksgiving to all, I am thankful for all of you.

– Dick Picks


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