Indians Head to Chicago Tied 1-1

Tuesday October, 25th was perhaps the greatest day in Cleveland sports history – The Cavs won their opener on a night they raised their 2015-16 championship banner, the Indians took game 1 of the first World Series the city has ever hosted and the Browns had the day off.

Game one was personally one of the best days of my life. After plating some corned beef at lunch and finishing up work, I made the way to the bars with my cousins to drink some cold ones before the game. Every bar was packed, Cleveland fans were going crazy and the thicc redbones were out! I then made my way to the stadium where I met my father and a few legends he calls his friends. More beers before game time and before I knew it Jonny (mo)Lester was hitting Brandon Guyer in the leg with an 0-2 pitch and the Indians were leading in the first inning of the World Series.

It would be a lead the Indians never relinquished as Corey Kluber went apeshit and recorded 8 strikeouts in the first 9 outs of the game. That is absurd. We then got some help from our boy Roberto Perez who hit two bombs and had every Cubs fan like….



A 6-0 victory earned us some national respect, I don’t know if you guys heard, but the Cubs are in the World Series! Well now people know the Indians are too. Here is the ESPN home page the day after the Indians clinched. The cubs hadn’t even clinched yet, but still no sign of the Tribe.


Anyway, I digress… The mood in Cleveland quickly shifted as the Tribe dropped game 2 and Jake Arrieta almost forgot that hits were allowed in a baseball game. The Indians failed to capitalize on their few chances as it seemed almost all of our opportunities came with 2 outs. Arrieta struggled with his command but scoring a guy from first with him on the mound and two down is a tough ask. Surprisingly, that’s neither here nor there. It wasn’t the Indians who lost game 2, it was me…

I went to lunch on Wednesday and thought I’d get cute and order a sandwich called the Cavalier with corn beef and turkey. What. A. Mistake. My cousin ordered corn beef (just as I ordered Tuesday when we won) and was fine. I fell subject to some stanky turkey and landed myself on the toilet the rest of the afternoon. I puked 3 times in the stadium pregame and the Indians fell behind early due to my low T sluggish energy. So I guess I can cross off puking in an MLB stadium and losing a World Series game off the bucket list?

None of it matters today. It’s Friday, I ate a salad for lunch and am fully prepared to rattle the cages of Cubs fans all over Chicago. Kyle Hendricks has a lot of hype as a potential Cy Young golden boy but he is a fraud who has never been tested in his entire life. Born in Newport Beach, California and educated in the Ivy League, he is softer than Jose Bautista’s maxi pads

Tomlin on the other hand is bulldog. Born in Tyler, Texas and educated at Angelina College (JUCO) and Texas Tech, he has the makings of a true american hero. Not a nerdy frat boy who could just as easily be drinking in Wrigleyville for the game instead of pitching in it. Tomlin is a career .500 hitter too, so while the pitching edge goes to Hendricks, the batting edge goes to Tomlin.


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