Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 6

Thursday is upon us. Apologies for the delay. Get your picks in! Bears vs Packers, I think we all know how this turns out.

Week 6 brought an old and familiar friend to the Winner’s Circle. Compton Gangbang (Bobby Mac) took home $5 and all the glory. For those that don’t know Bobby, he is a Chicago south sider who was raised on Busch Light. He left the South Side to attend Butler and got his degree in Chewing Tobacco with a minor in Internet Porn – a guy with the nickname Compton Gangbang likes internet porn? No way! – and graduated with straight A’s. A few weeks ago, the former Bulldog defensive back gathered with his friends at Butler homecoming where we all engaged in some extracurriculars including some good old fashion dunkaroos…

Notice how the man has his hands on the side of the cooler to keep himself from completely plunging into an ice bath of paralysis. Well, all that Busch Light must’ve had C-Gangbang’s mind a bit fuzzy, because when his turn came, he did not prop himself up and went face first into what appeared to be surely nothing but death. Unphased, someone took his wallet, I had laid claim for his pick-up truck, and the party rolled on. Bobby did come back to life however, and in his revival he went on to win the Folbies $5 just two short weeks later. What a true underdog story. Congrats Mr. Gangbang.

Looking Back: Who gives a shit.

Moving Forward: Browns win this week. This is the one. Indians are headed to the World Series (waiting on you Cubs) the Cavs have their ring ceremony next week, no chance we lose on Sunday. Unless we remember we have to play a football game, in which case, the Bengals (who suck, btw) will probably hang 50 on us. Whatever, I’ll be dead by Thanksgiving anyways. GO TRIBE!!!!!


– Dick Picks


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