Week In Review

Week in Review: Quarterback Roulette, ALCS, and Headlines of the Week

Browns: Well last weekend brought us this gem:


Which leads us to a quick copy and paste from out pick’em write up this week…

“Who is gonna start at QB for the Browns this week? Quick! Pick a number between 1 and 6! If you picked 2, 3,4, or 6, you win! Your options were #1 RG3, #2 Josh McCown, #3 Cody Kessler, #4 Terrelle Pryor, #5 Charlie Whitehurst, #6 Kevin Hogan. The only two losers are #1 Rg3 who is on IR and #5  Charlie Whitehurst who was just released with an injury settlement. Any of those other QB’s could take snaps for us on Sunday. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they all did. McCown/Kessler could easily get re-injured which would make practice squad call-up Kevin Hogan the QB with TP mixing in for the wildcat. Meanwhile, while we were sorting that out, DeMarco Murray just ran for 130 yards and the Titans beat the Browns in Nashville 24-17.”

Only update here is that Kessler has been tabbed the starter. If I have to watch Kevin Hogan take NFL snaps, I’m gonna be really sad. Thank you lord the Indians are still playing…

Indians: Game one is tonight. Lotta big names flocking to Cleveland for the event. Obama was in town today. I got in last night, rumors are Obama is throwing the first pitch. That might be completely made up by me, but if it isn’t, you heard it here first folks!

Having Obama in town is a wonderful strategy. Frankly, I’m a little upset with myself that I didn’t put that in the guide to beating the Blue Jays (which is a must read btw). Got some Canadians in town? Welcome them with our Commander In Chief (Wahoo) who just so happens to be a Blackhawks fan who just so happen to dominate hockey, which is kinda Canada’s thing. Happy with the city of Cleveland for having him here for game one.

As for the actual baseball that will be played, very tough to say what we will see out of two teams that have had a week off. Can Toronto’s bats stay as hot as they were? Kluber certainly hopes not. I’ll say this, our defense is far better than that of the Texas Rangers so I don’t expect us to boot the ball around like they did. Should be a great series at the end of the day, we have the edge because we have Tarzan Boy and a city full of raging lunatics. We won’t be phased rolling into the Roger’s Center like the Rangers were. ROLL DAMN TRIBE!

Headlines of the Week:

Art Briles Working As Guest Coach With Browns – Zac Jackson, Pro Football Talk… Oh, you don’t say? If only someone had predicted/suggested that months ago… oh thats right, I did. Just like I suggest this whole Terrelle Pryor thing way back when too. I am the Oracle of Cleveland.

Wisconsin’s Secret Weapon Against Ohio State: Camp Randall Stadium – Jesse Temple, ESPN.com… Urban Meyer’s resume includes a 9-2 record in bowl games and 3 National Championships, I’m gonna go ahead and guess he’s got a silent count installed. Maybe not, what do I know, I’m just a doctor.

LeBron: Cavs Wanted, But Couldn’t Afford, Wade – Dave McMenamin, ESPN.com… Alright Cleveland, make some noise for you NBA Champion CLEVELAND HEAT!!! So glad this did not happen. But for real, sign JR NOW. We aren’t titletown without him.

Troubled NFL DE Hardy to Pursue MMA Career – ESPN.com… Um no thanks? Who the fuck would want to get in the ring with that psychopath? I’ll watch though. Hope he gets his ass beat, but yikes, thats a big dude.

Also, not sure if he will be fighting in the UFC or not but if so bold move here taking in a known woman beater into your sport as you’re trying to break into the mainstream. “Our fighters are clean dudes who don’t do drugs, beat women, or have mental problems.”   …. Ok guys, whatever you say.

By The Numbers: The Indians went 1-0 this beating the Red Sox game 3 of the ALDS. The Browns sit at 0-5. According to the broken scale I just stepped on, I lost 15 pounds this week. I’ll take it.

Thanks again for another great week folks, keep reading and share with your friends! GO TRIBE! #BEATCANADA


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