Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 5


Thursday is almost here, get your picks in! Broncos vs Chargers. Trevor Siemian vs Phillip Rivers. Rivers has eight children so he either dominates his Siemian or can’t control his Siemian, either way, it should be an interesting affair. Best of luck to all!

Week 5 and again, we have another new comer taking the top spot. This week’s winner is Shane Falco aka James, aka Whitey’s friend aka nobody here knows this guy. But James knows who we are. Long before he joined Folbies, James – a loyal Clevelander – has been reading Folbies write-ups from Whitey for a while. He liked them so much he passed them along to his Cleveland friends (keep doing so James) and this year decided to join the league. We are happy to have him and his support, but winning the week means you get shit on and James is no exception.

His friend Whitey told me some fabricated story about a flight attendant, a nine iron, some ice cubes and a buffalo, but I did my homework and James is a married man, who am I to air his dirty laundry? Loose lips sink ships. Lucky for him I found his Facebook, unlucky for him I found his Facebook. Evidence shows James has been overweight and balding since at least 2011 and I’m guessing it dates back farther than that – perhaps we are long lost brothers? I’m not sure what spell you put on your wife to get her to marry you but you must have had help from Dumbledore himself. Congrats on outkicking your coverage (by about 100 yards) and for winning $5 this week. Go Browns!

Looking Back: “The scrimmage in Cleveland should get him (Brady) back on the same page with his o-line and allow him to sync up his timing with his wideouts and league best tight ends before he molests the rest of the NFL.” What a scary world we live in. Martellus Bennett and Gronk should not be allowed on the same team. Big shout out to the Bears for letting him go and ruining football for the rest of the league.

Moving Forward: Who is gonna start at QB for the Browns this week? Quick! Pick a number between 1 and 6! If you picked 2, 3,4, or 6, you win! Your options were #1 RG3, #2 Josh McCown, #3 Cody Kessler, #4 Terrelle Pryor, #5 Charlie Whitehurst, #6 Kevin Hogan. The only two losers are #1 Rg3 who is on IR and #5  Charlie Whitehurst who was just released with an injury settlement. Any of those other QB’s could take snaps for us on Sunday. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they all did. McCown/Kessler could easily get re-injured which would make practice squad call-up Kevin Hogan the QB with TP mixing in for the wildcat. Meanwhile, while we were sorting that out, DeMarco Murray just ran for 130 yards and the Titans beat the Browns in Nashville 24-17.

Another solid week in the books, let’s keep it going into week 6! Good luck out there!

– Dick Picks



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