Indians to the ALCS!

The Indians escaped with a 4-3 win last night in Boston and have cashed a ticket to the ALCS where they will face the Toronto Blue Jays. Before we get to them, let’s take a quick look at a few moments from the Boston Series.

In game one, it was a whole lotta stones from Trevor Bauer, some nifty bullpen calls by Tito and the big guy Roberto Perez making a difference. We celebrated accordingly…


Game two we simply bombarded David Price and it was a thing of beauty. Lonnie Baseball going yatz and a little help from our friend Happy Gilmore…


Which brought us to game three in what was an obscure pitching matchup between Clay Bucholz vs. Josh Tomlin. Bucholz was so bad this year he was sent back to the minors at one point, not exactly who you want on the mound in an elimination game. Tomlin was very fortunate to win as many games as he did this year as he was slightly below average in almost all statistical categories except for wins. I believe Tomlin got those wins based on the facts that he has dirty facial hair, hails from Texas, and loves dip; almost a sure fire combo to being a good baseball player.

Game three brought one small problem, Tomlin’s counterpart, Bucholz, is a Texas native, sports some ratty-ass facial hair and also dips tobacco (we’ve heard he likes cherry pouches and that’s why he lost, but we can’t confirm). So what were we going to do to get an edge here? Well Tomlin pitched extremely well and while all the suckers in the Boston dugout were eating their Wheaties for breakfast, the boys in Cleveland were chowing down on Coco Crispies preparing to win game three…


After that it got very interesting. The bullpen did a solid “bend don’t break” and holy smokes was I nervous. Brian Shaw started every hitter he faced with a 2-0 count, not ideal for protecting a lead in an elimination game. Allen came in and threw six straight balls before throwing a strike and proceeded to fall behind 5 of the 6 hitters he faced. That is a “pregnancy test” by every measure of the scary scale. That said, I don’t wanna be a downer right now. We got the win and I haven’t had to see Zach McAllister throw a pitch in the playoffs yet, I could not be happier! Now give me a little more Coco!




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