Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 4


Reminder to get your picks in for the Thursday night game. Cardinals and the 49ers square off, the Cardinals have been a huge let down so far, so naturally I want to like San Fran, but that means asking Blaine Gabbert to win an NFL game and that is something I just cannot do. Go Cards!

Week 4 and we have another new member being crowned as our weekly winner, this time it is Yort’s Buona Picks aka PJ aka Ray’s Little Brother. Obviously his picks are anything but little, they are Buona, as he posted 11 wins. Yort is new to Folbies but he continues the theme of peeing yourself. Last week we mentioned AJ and Tjudge7, they have plastic covers over their mattresses, this week it is Yort – a notorious couch pisser. When asked how many couches have you peed on his response was, “oh man, I’d be shocked if that number was under 10.” Rumor has it, half of the couches were pissed on while sober and he simply wanted to make his presence felt. Well done Yort, you have asserted dominance over us for one week, $5 is yours, please don’t piss on anything while you are here – unless it’s Haber.

Looking Back: “This time, it’s different. Browns will beat the Redskins this week” – Me last week. I wasn’t entirely wrong. If you watched the game (I’m guessing four of you did), the Browns actually controlled the majority of it and should have won if it weren’t for the NFL being rigged. Putting conspiracy theories the facts aside, at the end of the day, we did what we do best and that’s lose football games in excruciating fashion.

Moving Forward: Tom Brady’s final tune-up before he returns to the NFL is this week. The scrimmage in Cleveland should get him back on the same page with his o-line and allow him to sync up his timing with his wideouts and league best tight ends before he molests the rest of the NFL. I predict 100 Patriots points, I only hope we can muster a touchdown or two and I kinda want Terrelle Pryor to fight somebody. Just think it would be fun.

Solid week boys! On to week 5 we go! Best of luck to all!

– Dick Picks



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