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Browns Lose After Mysterious Fumble; The NFL is Surely Rigged

The NFL must be rigged. There are a few things that happened on Sunday that I simply cannot explain…

Item 1: The Bears defense shows up out of nowhere to beat the Lions 17-14

  • Through the first three games the Bears defense was allowing 355 yds/game and that is with the help of some short fields the Eagles were working with, it could’ve been worse.
  • The Lions offense was averaging 413 yds/game before Sunday
  • Magically the Bears D holds them to 263 yards.


  • The Bears have two primetime games in October, Goodell needs to falsify the appearance that the Bears are good
  • Brian Hoyer baby, God I miss that guy


Item 2: The Saints were losing 34-21 with 7:00 left in the 4th quarter and end up winning 35-34

  • The Saints ran 11 plays, went only 44 yards, but turned in 14 points. The game sequence went as follows:
    • Chargers 1 play 3 yards – Fumble
    • Saints 4 plays 13 yards – Touchdown (SD 34 – NO 28)
    • Chargers 1 play 5 yards – Fumble
    • Saints 7 Plays 31 yards – Touchdown (NO 35 – SD 34)
      • When is the last time an NFL team has lost fumbles on consecutive plays?


  • Goodell wants to move the Chargers at the end of the year, it’s a lot easier if they are bad

Item 3: The Panthers suck

  • Panthers surprise everyone last year, start 15-0 and make the Super Bowl (which they should’ve won)
  • This year they stink


  • Create storylines and the illusion of parody
    • OMG what’s wrong with the Panthers!?
    • The Falcons are Back!!
    • OMG now the Panthers are back!!
    • Who will win the division!!??
    • It will happen…

And now, last and most importantly…

Item 4: The Browns lead 20-17 then “fumbled” on consecutive drives to lose 31-20

    • The Browns running backs hadn’t lost a fumble all year, all of the sudden Malcolm Johnson and Duke Johnson put two on the ground on the two most important drives of the game
    • FB Malcolm Johnson got his first carry in the NFL and fumbled. He was a tight end in college and never had a carry, so why was he in the game? I am glad you asked.
      • Crow daddy just beasted a 19 yard run and came off for a quick blow
      • Duke Johnson was pulled for concussion protocol AT THE REQUEST OF THE EYE IN THE SKY
        • So someone up in the NFL offices was like “Wow, the Browns are running at will on this shitty Redskins defense, Cody Kessler hasn’t had to do too much and their game plan is working, they are controlling the game completely and are about to go up by 10, we need to stop this! Next time Crow has a big run, I’ll call Duke into concussion protocol and Malcolm Johnson will have to go in, LOL!!”
        • I have no proof that is what happened, but I wasn’t born yesterday, it happened. Johnson fumbles, Skins go on to score and its 24-20.
    • On the next drive, Duke Johnson recovers his own fumble, Redskins awarded the football, they promptly score to take 31-20 lead

None animated GIF


  • Anyone who watched the game could see, both offenses had full control
  • The Browns were steamrolling the Skins and were on their way posting 5 consecutive scoring drives – insert Malcolm Johnson via the eye in the sky
  • Then the drive to regain the lead that was cut short by that debacle above
  • The key here is that the play cannot be challenged because it is a turnover which, is automatically reviewed.
    • The replay showed no evidence that would have changed the call on the field. While I agree that it is hard to see what is going on at the bottom of the pile I know this…
    • Duke Johnson stands up almost immediately with the football
    • Neither the Redskins player on top of him or directly to his left on the ground even begin to fight for the ball, the fighting takes place in front of Duke over a football that isn’t there because it is in Duke’s hand.
    • The call for possession is made after Duke has already emerged from the scrum while looking at a pile of players fighting over blades of grass


  • Goodell wants the Redskins to compete in a wide-open NFC East
  • God hates Cleveland and wanted me to cry on Sunday

Tom Brady makes his return next weekend in Cleveland… God hates Cleveland and wants me to cry on Sundays.


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