Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 3


Reminder to get your picks in for the Thursday night game. Dolphins vs Bengals this week. I see the Dolphins, who are fresh off their embarrassing OT win vs the Browns, losing by 100, but you decide.

Reminders: None. Everyone has paid. Thanks guys.

In week 3, we get to know a new member of the group, Jport. Josh is friends with notorious bed-wetter AJ, who went to highschool with bed-wetter TJudge7 aka York’s Urine Brothers. Josh and AJ went to West Point together and while we love our troops, no one is spared from being roasted in Foblies. Josh is from Calabasas, CA aka Calablackless, home of zero crime and huge bitches such as the Kardashians and Haber29. I’ve been told, that just like the Browns, Josh had a memorable experience the last time he visited Miami. Below, a recollection from our very own AJ…

“The last night he (Josh) was wingman for our friend Kramer. Josh’s go to line to this girl was “You’re really really, really cute.” She wasn’t having it. This destroyed Josh. When we got back to the room, Josh went to the bathroom and it sounded like he was on the phone. Our other friend Mike walked up to the bathroom to tell Josh to get off the phone so he could piss but then started to listen to the conversation. Josh wasn’t on the phone, he was talking to himself in the mirror. Some of the comments he made to himself were, “Dude, you’re tight, girls like you”, “Asuhhh dude” and his favorite “You’re tight, you’re tight, carne asuh dude.”  This went on for a solid 15-20 minutes.”

Well Josh, you’re tight enough to win Folbies for one week. I wish you and your mental health nothing but the best moving forward. $5 is yours, asuh dude.

Looking Back: Terrelle Pryor is the truth. I hate to say I told you so, but I fucking told you so. Anyone in the group last year should remember me calling for him in week 14 last year. Someone sign me up to run the Browns. Also the Dolphins really suck.

Moving Forward: This time, it’s different. Browns will beat the Redskins this week. I’m giving you all a free winner right here, right now. A little more razzle dazzle with the Wildcat, about three  less missed field goals from Cody Parkey and two less fumbles by Cody Kessler and the Redskins drop to 1-3. Haters gonna hate, winners gonna pick the Browns this week.

Thanks again for another fantastic week. On to week 4 we go! Best of luck.

– Dick Picks



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