Week In Review

Week in Review: Cody Kessler, Windians, And Headlines of the Week

Browns: The Browns had an active week and it will end with Cody Kessler as the new QB1 in Cleveland…

All kidding aside, we will see Kessler much earlier than expected. He did not look great by any means in the preseason and he is more of a project than a prospect, but Hue is a QB whisperer and I think Cody would rather have Hue Jackson whispering in his ear than Father Muldoon. I’m excited to see what he has, but expecting little. Father Muldoon, pray for us.

Lotta talk this week from the Browns. McCown delivered this boss ass speech on playing injured, Coleman issued a heartfelt statement on his desire to get back on the field and help the team win, Terrelle Pryor said he would literally die on the field if it helped the Browns win, and while those guys were busy showing heart and determination, RG3 had the balls to get his #WCW up…


LYLAS Robbie!

Fuck that guy. Anyway, we also had Josh Gordon being issued an arrest warrant. I’m sure there is plenty to that case of which I am unaware, but my brief research found that Josh Gordon is a normal human being. Here’s what we know, there is a woman with a child and that woman has reason to believe Josh Gordon is the father of said child. Josh was ordered to submit a paternity test and has not. Which is understandable because he’s a busy guy playing in the NFL and crushing film each week in preparation  like every one of my co-workers and avoids all problems and responsibilities until they eventually just go away. Sound strategy and it appears to have paid off as the NFL said his arrest warrant won’t affect his status to play in week 5 when the Browns should probably just forfeit instead of playing Tom Brady in his return.

Headlines of the Week:

Bauer Apologizes for Hitting 3 Tigers, Including Ian Kinsler in the Head, on Sunday – Yahoo Sports… You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole wheel of cheese!? How’d you do that? I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.

Buckeyes Assistant Schiano Hits Bicyclist With Car – ESPN.com

Entire Fever Team Kneels During National Anthem – ESPN.com… If a WNBA team kneels during a National Anthem and the gym is empty, did it really ever happen?

Michigan State LB Ed Davis Has 6th Year Of Eligibility Approved by NCAA – Yahoo Sports

Love is what makes your heart smile. Don’t be afraid to feel it #WCW –  RG3, RG3’s Instagram… Get this man on the next flight out of Cleveland.

Indians: The Indians are what make my heart smile Robert. Clean sweep of Kansas City this week, magic number down to 4. I am requesting the last two weeks of October off now in preparation. White Sox in town for the last regular season home games of the year. We can clinch this weekend if Detroit loses so hopefully we do so at home, if not clinching in Detroit wouldn’t be so bad either #eatmyasstigers.

By The Numbers: The Indians went 3-1 this week their magic number is 4. The Browns are 0-1 this week (again, 0-2 overall), after losing to Baltimore. I gained 1 pound this week #zitieveryday. Indians runs – 16 Browns Points – 20, improvement

Thanks again for another great week folks, keep reading and share with your friends! EAOD


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