Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 3


Reminder to get your picks in for the Thursday night game. Patriots vs Texans, should actually be a good game. If the Pats win, I’ll be trying out for QB in New England next week.

Reminders: 1. Everyone has paid except for the The DELUXE American Cheese, let us publicly shame him until he pays. 2. We drop the lowest score so don’t freak out when you look at the standings, it will sort itself out over the next few weeks.

In week 2, we should all pause for a moment of deep reflection as somehow we allowed  Haber29 to win this week. This is a sad day for us all and we should all feel a deep sentiment of inadequacy. Haber is a known sinner who enjoys Bravo on the weeknights and prefers women’s soccer to NFL Redzone. For the new guys in the group, this is not in jest, Haber is a true lassie. Let us all step up our game and insure this does not happen again. Haber, do you want 5 american dollars or would you prefer a gift card to the local fro-yo place?

Looking Back: Anyone who thought at any time during Sunday’s game that the Browns would win is a certified moron. Not at the beginning of the game, not when it was 7-0, 14-0, or even 20-2. Josh McCown is the second coming of Leonidas as he played the entire game with one shoulder. The man is earning his right to be buried in Cleveland. The rest of the team stinks. Flacco is an absolute bum and the Ravens are trash, if they had McCown they’d be a Super Bowl contender.

Moving Forward: Three games in, we are on our third starting QB and if you go back to last year, we are now on our 5th consecutive game with a new QB in each. This trip to Miami should serve as a nice vacation for the boys in brown as I see a little R&R being the only productive thing that can come out of this week. Sunday I will watch in horror as the king of south beach Spencer Strasmore leads the Dolphins to victory… unless of course, Ryan Tannehill shows up, in which case I think the Browns may steal this one!


P.S. Brian Hoyer is 100x better than Jay Cutler. I want Jay Cutler in Cleveland so bad it’s not even  funny. We deserve it, Jay deserves it, it is a match made in heaven.

That’s all for now, we had another great week, thank you all for playing! Best of luck to all in week 3!

-Dick Picks


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