Browns Football

Never a Doubt! Ravens 25 Browns 20. Browns Fall to 0-2

At first, the world watched in shock as the Brownies jumped out to a 20-2 lead. Then I came to and the minute Flacco hit two wide open tight ends and got a BS roughing the passer call, before half time, I knew the game was over. It was fun while it lasted right?

McCown came out and established his presence as QB1 by quickly destroying his shoulder. A quick trip to the locker room for some painkillers that are more damaging than the injury itself, #playersafety, and McCown is risen (take notes RG3). A touchdown on the first drive was pure joy. A flight of The Crow brought pure pandemonium. Joe Haden kept the party going with an interception and it chaos in the streets! Four plays later Cleveland Browns had officially arrived with a touchdown strike to Corey Coleman followed by a blocked extra point returned for two points.


That was the last time the Browns would score for the day and it was all downhill from there. A slow painful grind of Josh McCown getting lit up, Flacco hitting tight ends, the defense somehow not giving up 1000 rushing yards and pure frustration as the Browns had chance after chance to put points on the board only to give up a full 25 unanswered and lose 25-20.

The Browns and the Jaguars are currently tied for the NFL’s longest losing streak dating back to December 13th, 2015. However, the Jaguars went 1-3 in the preseason, the Browns have not won any kind of football competition in their last 9 tries. It has been 280 days since a football victory in Cleveland, we will keep that clock running.

But hey, at least the Indians are good right? Wait what’s that? Everyone in Cleveland is dead? Josh McCown is going to be in a body bag soon, I think he broke the same shoulder twice. Cam Erving, was hospitalized overnight with a bruised lung, dead. Carlos Carrasco, took a line drive to the hand two pitches into his start this weekend and he’s dead. Danny Salazar, documented dead. I expected the Browns to suck but God taking my pitching staff away from me halfway through September is cruel punishment for allowing LeBron to win a championship…


…Oh, look at that, Bron Bron is at the Rams game in LA where he recently moved his family… I’m not a freshman girl but boy do I feel used. Even little Bryce knows he belongs in the Dawg Pound.




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