Week In Review

Week in Review: Browns Week 2, Sox Stomp Tribe, and Headlines of the Week

Browns: The Browns welcome the Baltimore Ravens to town after being embarrassed in week 1. Despite the cat poop that was put on display for the world to see, the Browns front office had no shame is asking you for money leaving this little nugget for you as you navigate to the suicide assistance Browns official website.


Tickets are available? You don’t say! I thought for sure the hard working people of Cleveland would be lining up in droves to light money on fire as they pour into Worst Energy Stadium to watch the worst team in the league (basically me as I drop $100 on Sunday Ticket to watch the Browns games out of market in Chicago). Enough about that. Let’s get to the game itself

What I hope to see is an offense that has a purpose with Josh McCown at the helm. People forget that McCown was tossing almost 300 yds per game last year. This excludes the jets game where he died running into the end zone…


But for real, he averaged 294 yds/game and had a passer rating of 93, just a tick better than RG3’s 55 last week. Now, I’m not saying McCown is a serious upgrade but I do believe he is an upgrade. I fully expect our defense to end the “is Joe Flacco Elite?” debate because he will post video game numbers (more on that in a moment) but I am excited to see what a 37 year old career backup can do with 10 rookies. I got significantly less excited as I typed that.

What I expect to see is our defense giving up 100 points. It was stated in this week’s pick’em write up, Marc Trestman is a CFL legend. Tore up CFL defenses. The Browns have a CFL defense. I’m envisioning a career day for Justin Forsett and all the passing yards for Flaccid Flacco.

Indians: The Indians march to October took them through Chicago this week where the Bears White Sox put up 21  points runs in 4 quarters of football games.  Carlos Carrasco lasted 3.2 innings in the series debut. Salazar is sidelined. Brian Shaw is still out there blowing game. Corey Kluber is the only man in my life that I trust right now. This week I asked my dad if he wanted to split NFL Sunday ticket so we could watch the Browns together. He said no. TRUST NO ONE… except Corey Kluber.

Huge series this weekend with the Tigers, this could end the division race or make things very interesting down the stretch. Kluber, Carrasco, and Bauer lined up vs Fulmer, Kate Upton, and Dan Norris. I hate to say this but Upton is having a bounce back year. Need that good Cookie to show up on Saturday and then we feed Dan Norris to the Dawg Pound on Sunday.

Headlines of the Week:

John Harbaugh Not Happy With Ravens’ Running Game – NFL.com… “Did John Harbaugh get an erection watching film of the Ravens run game!?” – TMZ (probably) after the Ravens run for 1000 yards on Sunday.

Drone Racing League to take flight on ESPN – ESPN.com… I fear for my unborn children.

Summer Rewind: Oklahoma City – Yahoo Sports

Wilson’s Crazy Sacrifice to Be Ready For Ram’s – Frank Schwab, Yahoo Sports… Ok Frank, I’ll bite. What did Wilson give up? *Clicks on article* Russell Wilson has gotten 6 hours of sleep the entire week because he’s been icing his ankle non-stop! Frank Schwab is so Seattle. Anything Russ says, must be true. Just like how you guys invented the 12th man. Look Frank, anyone who says “I’ve gotten like 4 hours of sleep the past 3 nights” is exaggerating. Using hyperbole if you will. The only people getting 2 hours a night are Navy SEALS, so Frank, while I wouldn’t put it past Russ thinking he’s an actual warrior, if you’re gonna get paid to write articles I need you to be better than that.

Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start – A Subway Commercial…. Uh, you sure about that guys?


By The Numbers: The Indians went 2-3 this week their magic number is 11. The Browns sit at 0-1, having lost to Philly on Sunday. I gained 1 pound this week #zitieveryday. Indians runs – 19 Browns Points – 10. Woof.

Thanks again for another great week folks, keep reading and share with your friends! EAOD


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