Pick'em 2016

Folbies Pick’em Weekly Write Up – Week 2


Reminder to get your picks in for the Thursday night game. The Jets take on the Bills in what I believe will be the race to 17 points. Excited to see what Lap Band Brothers have in store for Todd Big Bowels and what looks to be an improved Jets team. Get your picks in for that and make sure to click save.

Reminders: 1. Pick game winners straight up, this is NOT against the spread. Yahoo lists the spread for reference. 2. We only have two people left who need to pay, please do so ASAP.

Congrats to our first weekly winner Tom Brady Fan Club (Jared S.) who won via tiebreaker.  Jared had a strong offseason and it paid off right away.  The spring and summer months found him moving back home with his parents and lifting at the local rec center. He then removed any doubt regarding his sexuality and moved to LA (West Hollywood). Easy to pick winners with a clear mind. Congrats Jared, $5 is yours!

Looking Back: Calling all D1-AA quarterbacks. Have you ever wanted to play in the NFL? Well good news, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Simply suit up for any team who plays the Browns and watch as your status goes from Ginger in North Dakota to QB1 and potential MVP candidate. The Browns defense is sure to confuse you with how easy it is to play in the NFL. Maybe you’re a go-getter and enjoy a good challenge? Sign up to be the Browns QB! If you can throw a fade route and know how to slide instead of shattering your shoulder, you qualify!

Moving Forward: Flaccid Flacco is back! The Ravens come to town for our home opener that I am guessing will be decided by the 12:00 minute mark in the 2nd quarter. In Chicago, CFL legend Marc Trestman proved he can’t figure out an NFL defense. Now as the Ravens OC, he gets the perfect chance to face another CFL defense in Cleveland this week, lucky him. Last year we beat the Ravens with a glorious butt-touchdown from Josh McCown to Gary Barnidge. With McCown back at the reigns, I’ll call for at least three magical butt-touchdowns if we want to win this one.

Thanks everyone for playing, we had a great week and we have the largest group in our four years of existence! Best of luck to all in week 2!

-Dick Picks


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