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Johnny Manziel and Carson Wentz Go Back to School

By now we all know that my good friend John is heading back to school to get his degree. He will be taking online classes so he won’t even be on campus but my first thought was “shit that would be tight to see him play college football again.” Can the NCAA make that happen? How cool would it be if we got to just redo this whole thing? It would be fucking awesome. For anyone else, I’d say playing two years in the NFL would lend them a superior advantage if they went back to college, but let’s take a few things into consideration. 1. Johnny maybe learned half the playbook? And even so, the Browns playbook does more harm than it does good. 2. Johnny has done enough drugs in the past 9 months that I’m not even sure he knows he can’t play in college again. Can you imagine watching Chad Kelly vs Johnny Manziel? That would be the greatest fucking game of all time. Can’t wait to see it in Canada in two years.

On a personal note, I’m glad Johnny is getting his degree in…. recreation, parks, and tourism sciences? Excuse me? Whatever, prolly still more useful than two years with the Browns.


h/t @madeupmovie

Number two overall pick Carson Wentz also gets to go back to school this week. He’s not actually re-enrolling, but he gets to play another D1-AA defense when he squares off against the Browns this week. Now I make fun of the Browns here, but a lot of people are billing this as “Carson Wentz’ chance to prove the Browns wrong” for trading the pick and not drafting Carson. Are those people fucking high? I don’t give a shit what Carson Wentz does this week, next week, the rest of his life. Taking a D1-AA QB at number two is mildly retarded. And that is coming from a guy who played D1-AA football (sup, ladies?). Not to mention, North Dakota State is the Alabama of D1-AA. Run the ball, play defense, have a dozen players arrested every year for illegal drugs/guns and do nothing about it, win football games. That’s just what they do. When has Bama produced a solid NFL quarterback? Remember Jake Coker, that guy who won the National Championship last year? Yeah, he’s already out of the league. Blake Sims? Not in the NFL. A.J. McCarron backs up a ginger (even though I think he’s actually better than Dalton) and Greg McElroy spent two years as a backup before flaming out. So why does everyone think a kid who played on a team with a great running game and the best defense in the league at the D1-AA level is now an NFL #2 draft pick?

The worst part of it all, the Browns defense stinks, Wentz will probably light it up and we will have to hear all the bullshit about how we should have drafted him. Pound sand guys. I’m not rooting against Wentz (Sunday I am), if he has a great career it’ll be a great story and fun to watch, but you’d need a crystal ball to see a red head from North Dakota being a franchise quarterback. Now as soon as I say that, I have flashbacks of another time the Eagles got the better of us with a number 2 pick…



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