Browns Football

Browns Fans, Say Goodbye to Justin Gilbert

Not so long ago we discussed the departure of Barkevious Mingo and predicted that Justin Gilbert would soon be the next first round draft pick to disappear. Well, chalk another one up for the Oracle of Cleveland. Just two days ago the Browns traded Gilbert to the Steelers for their 6th round pick in 2018. One thing is very clear, Jonah Hill is in full make-over mode. If you’re old and overpaid, you’re out (Paul Kruger). If you slide in bounds with 20 seconds left in a tie game, you’re fucking out (Austin Davis). If you’re a top ten pick and never live up to expectations because the Browns can’t adjust schemes to their roster/develop talent/you have a shitty attitude because you’re new uniforms were drawn up by the visually impaired, you’re definitely fucking out (Barkevious Mingo & Justin Gilbert). Live look at Depodesta…


Look guys, if I had to put those shit bags we call uniforms on, I’d be less than enthused too, but Gilbert was just never any good. So combine that with the attitude problems, pretty easy decision to try and move him. I just think it is very odd that 1.) we traded within the division and 2.) all we got was a 6th rounder!? Those two things combined lead me to believe one of two things, either Gilbert really just sucks, or the Browns are really stupid. Is there a worse scenario than Gilbert turning into a pro-bowler and maybe winning a Super Bowl with the Steelers? This is going to fucking suck if when it happens. It’s like watching that co-worker you hate get promoted over you, watching. Or being named Scotty and not knowing that Fiona and Matt Damon do it in his van every Sunday even though she tells you she’s in Church.

Look all I am saying is that it will really blow if he turns out to be good and we have to play him twice a year for the next six years.

Next point, a 6th rounder in 2018? That’s it? It isn’t like Gilbert has a long track record of being horrible. The dude is still 24 years old. Now in the NFL age, draft pick, etc., don’t really matter, if you can play, you play. If you can’t they find someone else. But it’s not like you can truly evaluate talent on the Browns, everyone in our organization has their heads rested comfortably up their asses every year. 6th rounders battle to make the team, how is that all we are getting?

So again, I guess either Gilbert is really just a bad football player and that is the best we could get, or the Browns are unimaginably inept. I’m happy Gilbert is gone, but I’d put my money on the latter given we have seen the playoffs about as often as I’ve seen my abs in the past 20 years.


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