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Browns Hit Mid-Season Form vs. Bucs in Preseason Week 3

RG3_Bucs Cheerleaders

With the fourth week of the preseason being mostly a showcase for the 2nd and 3rd stringers, week three is often the closest we get to see the real deal. The Browns did not disappoint.

The “top ten defense” was gashed for 27 points in the first half vs the Bucs starters with Jameis Winston rolling up 259 yards. That is absurd for a half. The Browns are lucky to throw over 250 in a game. Granted Famous Jameis is legit and the Bucs will have a solid offense this year, but damn guys at least pretend like you can give a 2nd year quarterback of a 6-10 team some issues in the preseason. Jameis looking at the Browns defense like…


Offensively I was excited to see us march down the field on the first drive. Upon entering the red zone, the area of the field within 20 yards of the end zone (where touchdowns are scored), we promptly remembered that we were the Browns and went incompletion, rush for no gain, and sack to settle for a field goal. Despite the missed opportunity, I was still encouraged. We then took our next drive backwards four yards before giving up a touchdown on the punt return. I quickly thought to myself, “is this week 6? I feel like I’ve seen this before?” And that’s when I knew I was truly watching the 2016 Cleveland Browns. Not the exciting team from the first two weeks of the preseason, but the mid-season 2016 Cleveland Browns.

Yes, Gordon had two big catches, and both of those were awesome, but chucking the ball deep every play is not realistic. We will need to put together some actual drives and keep our defense off the field if we have any chance to win five games this year. On the flip side, if you’re playing Madden 08 and call the hail mary on all four downs, at least one always hits. Never fails. So maybe that could be the Browns offense this year. Fade, Fade, QB Draw, Fade. Who knows could be fun.



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