Naquin and Ramirez Save the Weekend


On a weekend that brought the loss of my college roommate to marriage, I needed a hero. Jose Ramirez and Tyler Naquin answered the call red capes and blue tights. Ramirez hit a two run bomb in the bottom of the 8th yesterday to beat the Blue Jays 3-2 while Naquin went walk-off two nights in a row against the White Sox and Blue Jays. Thursday was a sac fly winner and Friday we got a ridiculous walk-off inside-the-park home run. The OTPHJ was the first anyone has gotten since nam  walk off, INTP home run, was the first for the Tribe in 100 years. The last one came before the stadiums had fences (no need to fact check that, just take my word for it) and black people weren’t allowed to play (no question about that one though, that’s a cold hard fact). Needless to say, it was special.  Which is a great word to describe the season the Indians are having thanks to guys like Naquin and Ramirez.

Obviously the Indians have gotten great contributions from the entire clubhouse this year, but Naquin and Ramirez are two guys that are going completely under the radar on the national scene. Napoli hits moonshots and throws parties, but he’s a household name from Boston. Kipnis, Kluber, Salazar, Davis, Santana, etc. have all been around long enough to be known by baseball fans. Lindor gathers most of the attention due to his age and special smile that lights up your eyes and gives you that happy feeling in your heart incredible skill in the field and from both sides of the plate.


And then there is Jose Ramirez and Tyler Naquin. To the casual fan, Naquin seemingly came out of nowhere. Clint Frazier was obviously the big name outfielder in the Tribe’s system and Naquin was a solid player but wasn’t expected to be in the big leagues this year. What’s truly surprising are his power numbers. Naquin’s 2014 and 2015 minor league seasons yeilded just 11 home runs combined. He has 14 already in just 85 games in the big leagues. Coincidence that Naquin is most likely going to get his freshman 15 the same week as most college move ins? I think not.


Jose Ramirez has turned in the best season of his young career. The guy has been up for a few years so it is easy to forget that he is only 23, but he is a career .270 hitter knocking .310 at the plate currently. I looked for about an hour to find his batting average with runners in scoring position, and was able to find his BABIP, DPopp, XBH%, mother’s maiden name, and schlong size, but apparently BARISP isn’t something published on the internet. Either way, I know it’s high because they talk about it seemingly every game when he drives in a big run. Naquin’s walk off Friday was only possible because Ramirez tied it up with a solo shot earlier in the inning. He plays every position on the field and does so all while looking incredibly out of shape the entire time. If that ain’t special, I just don’t know what is.

Live look at Naquin and Ramirez…



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