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The Cleveland Browns Offered Peyton Manning A Blank Check To Run The Franchise

manning superbowl1

Well for the second day in a row, no, you did not misread that headline. However, this one should come as less of a surprise. The Haslam family hails from Tennessee, Peyton Manning used to t-bag trainers and play quarterback at Tennessee. Though it is doubtful this headline ever sees the light of day, if any big networks do pick it up, just remember, you heard it here first.

Now into the details. Two weeks ago The Sheriff flew to Cleveland where Haslam handed him a business card that said Peyton Manning and nothing else. He told him pick your job title and your salary, it’s all your’s if you want it. Unfortunately, Manning was dumb enough to take the meeting but not dumb enough to accept the offer. Here’s the thing, I LOVE the idea of Manning running the Browns. In his career, Peyton won two Super Bowls, in that same time span, the Browns have had two winning seasons. So yeah we could use some help. But, I am hoping this was equivalent to the 6th or 7th hot dog on dollar dog night. Completely unnecessary but no one is passing up a hot dog for a dollar. Haslam and Manning have a connection so if that’s all this was and Haslam was knocking back a full bottle of whiskey one day and thought to himself, “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Peyton Manning will bring me a Super Bowl,” I’m ok with it.

Peyton Papa

If Haslam is looking for legitimate change though, I’m not ok with it. We just hired a new front office, head coach and got ourselves a changed man at QB. While I don’t believe in Jonah Hill, yet, I believe in Hue Jackson and I really don’t like the idea of Haslam just seeing which way the wind blows that day to make decisions about our franchise. I get it, it’s Peyton Manning, so he gets a pass for this one, but if Haslam is actively seeking change already it means one of two things. Either Jonah Hill has his head so far up his ass he still thinks he’s on a baseball diamond. Or, Jimmy Haslam got a hold of Irsay’s phone number and the two have been chugging whiskey and popping pain pills ever since. My money is on the latter.



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