Browns Football

Preseason Week 1: Indians beat Browns 13-11


Friday night the Indians beat the Angels 13-3 in a Baseball Game. That same night, the Browns lost 17-11 in a football game. Nine of those 11 points, were scored by the Browns offense. So technically the headline could read Indians 13 Browns 9. Now before I get to making fun of the Browns I also want to point out that in four games against the Angels this weekend the Indians scored 37 runs. The Browns offense is currently on pace to put up 36 points the entire preseason. So, who will end up with the higher total, the Browns preseason vs the Tribe series against the Angels?

Ok now let’s get to the game itself. Friday night the Browns took the field for their first preseason game which offered a first look at Hue Jackson and RG3. The first play of the game we went deep to Terrelle Pryor and honestly, it moved. The Browns attacking downfield with legitimate size and speed was awesome. Quickly, we were brought back down to earth by a fumbled hand-off on the very next play. The Browns overcame that mistake (unchartered waters for us) and actually drove down the field looking surprisingly competent as a unit. Again, we were quickly reminded of reality as RG3 threw a pick as soon as we could sniff the end zone. Now, anyone who watched that play knows it was mostly on Gary Barnidge but c’mon guys, throw the Dawg Pound a bone one time. Everyone laughs at us for signing Griffin and we go out and throw a pick on the first drive.

Despite scoring only 9 points, I actually think this offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch. In the small amount of time we actually had the first team out there, dare I say it, RG3 looked kinda good. Maybe it was the afro that made me think I was watching Clarence “Coffee”Black from Semi-Pro, but the dude actually looked like he could play.


I want to rip the defense for looking like Swiss cheese and giving up an easy five yards a pop on the ground, but it is August, and I won’t allow the Browns defense to ruin the rest of my summer.

Lastly, that game had THREE safeties in it! That ties the NFL regular season record! Complete incompetence was displayed by both the Packers and Browns here. The Packers took a page out of the Browns playbook with the “Don’t block the nose tackle” run play and the Browns took an easy 2-0 lead. Then we had Cody Kessler just waltzing out of the back of the end zone, and finally a pretty bad sack on Kessler for the third. Strange stuff man, but hey football is back!

Next game is at home vs the Atlanta Falcons Pandas, they will be twisting dope, sipping lean and the fanta. Someone get Josh Gordon out of the State of Ohio for this one.


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