The Phillies Inducting Jim Thome Into Their Hall of Fame Is Grade A Bullshit

Thome_rookie Card

Today the Phillies will induct Cleveland Indian Jim Thome into their hall of fame. For 25 years I have had zero issues with Philly. I’ve even liked Philly, they are a great city to make fun of and take some of the negative spotlight off of Cleveland. I spent a few weeks in Philly for work and enjoyed my time there thoroughly. Yes, the Eagles took McNabb second in 99 after we took Couch and proceeded to actually see the playoffs and even a Super Bowl but that is on the Browns, not Philly. Philadelphia gave us Rocky and while the people of Philadelphia cannot distinguish Rocky Balboa from Sylvester Stallone, frankly neither can I. The Phillies play in the National League and have only faced the Indians a total of 16 times. The Sixers were awesome to watch when A.I. was on the team and there is no animosity between them and the Cavs, so really I have no issues with Philly. However, that ends today.

Inducting Jim Thome into your Hall of Fame? Are you fucking kidding me? Thome was not only drafted by Tribe, he played the first 11 years of his career in Cleveland, 13 in total. He played four in Philadelphia. Guess what Philly, he also played four years in Chicago and, in fact, played in more games for the White Sox (529), than he did for the Phillies (391). Are the White Sox inducting him into their hall of fame? No because they have a brain and some respect.

Think about it like this. Kevin Durant just played the first nine years of his career in OKC. KD was loved around town and obviously people are pissed he left. Let’s say he wins one with Golden State, moves on in a few years, maybe returns to OKC down the road or goes home to D.C. for some nice feelies. Will Golden State induct KD into their hall of fame? Fuck no. They have Curry, Thompson, Green, their own guys to induct. KD will get his jersey up in the rafters in OKC as he rightfully should when it’s all said and done. KD will most likely be loved in the Bay Area just as Thome was loved everywhere he went but OKC gets to put him down as one of their all-time greats just as Cleveland gets to lay claim to Thome.

As a Clevelander and a man who was taught a basic rule of not to take what isn’t yours (unless it’s yo girl #staywoke), I take personal offense to such blatant disrespect by the Phillies and you should too. Grow up Philadelphia, just because Rocky isn’t a real person doesn’t mean you can steal other towns’ sports heroes…

Thome_Miles Davis


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