In The Studio

In The Studio with Cleveland Legend Pat Porter of the Houston Astros


Player Profile:

Name: Pat Porter | Nickname: Portz | Sign: Gemini |Status: In a relationship

Height: 6’0” | Weight: 215 | Current Team: Quad Cities River Bandits – Houston Astros Single A

The Scoop: Porter was a standout athlete at Kenston High School just outside Cleveland in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He lettered in Baseball and Football, was the unanimous prom king, had the lead in the school musical and was an average beer pong player in my cousin’s basement. Pat continued his career as an outfielder at Ohio State where he hit .338 with 11 home runs as a senior and was voted best looking buckeye by the other young men on campus. In the 2015 MLB draft, Pat was selected in the 15th round by the Houston Astros. In his first year of Minor League ball he was an All-Star for Tri-City Valley Cats in the New York-Penn League. Pat is currently the right fielder for the Quad Cities River Bandits where he is tied for the team lead in home runs this year.



Best part of playing at OSU? PP: “The people you meet and get to work with, the facilities are unreal, and there’s just so much support from the community”

Was Tressel in the building when you were there?  PP: “I think Fickell was the head coach my freshman year so no, I was coming in as that scandal was going on.”

Do you have any of the free tattoos? PP: “No” Maybe

Was that part of the recruiting pitch? Great baseball, and if you’re a tattoo guy those are discounted. PP: “No it wasn’t.” The recruiting pitch was mainly tattoos and fake summer jobs making $20 an hour.

Craziest thing that happened while at OSU? PP: “A lot people would say the craziest night was when the Bucks won the football national championship, everyone was full sprint down to High Street, just cops lined up everywhere, tear gas, everyone was screaming, it was pretty nuts.”

What was it like getting drafted? PP: “It was awesome, obviously a dream of mine since I was a little kid… I was with my family, I had just turned 22, it was pretty cool.”

After you get drafted, take me through what happens next, you go get a physical, and then you’re on a flight the next day? What goes down after you get that call? “So I got the call on June 10th, they gave me about five days to process everything and get ready. Then they sent me out to their short-season team in the New-York Penn League, they set you up there you get settled you get and apartment and everything. Then we had three days to just practice, fill out some paperwork and get your physical done.”

What was more exciting, getting drafted or the day you committed to OSU? PP: “I would have to say getting drafted, that has always been my number one goal, but close second is committing to OSU. Obviously being a kid from Cleveland you grow up watching all the Ohio State sports so that is definitely a close second.” I got paid more when I signed with OSU

Take those two events, compare them to when the Browns beat Cincy 24-3 in that Thursday night game in 2014, where does that rank? PP: “Wow, you’re telling me, yeah Cleveland beat Cincy… That doesn’t happen often. That might be up there with getting drafted.”

Sad Bengals Fan

On to some tougher questions would you rather make the big leagues or see the Browns win the Super Bowl? PP:“Probably make the big leagues, like I said, that has been a lifelong dream of mine. because I am selfish.

Have you done anything stupid yet with the money you’ve made? PP: “Not yet, took a few trips last offseason but nothing crazy yet.”

You guys don’t get paid in the offseason is that correct? PP: “Right. So basically we have the freedom to do whatever we want to make money.”

You basically get to go back to mom’s house and live like a poor person again right? “You can, or you can use your signing bonus or get an offseason job. I worked a Christmas tree lot with my buddy.”

Let’s switch gears a bit, you guys are traveling all the time, you’re a young good looking guy playing pro sports, I know you have a wonderful girlfriend, bu how many women just throw themselves at you every place you go? PP: “Not much man, you have your cleat chasers but we are pretty busy and everyone is focused on their career”

If your girlfriend wasn’t listening, would your answer change at all? PP: “No” Yes

Any guys approach you while you were on the road? PP: “I haven’t played overseas yet.”

Beer of choice? PP: “Miller Lite”

Who was your favorite Indian growing up as a child? PP: “Jim Thome, absolutely, he’s the GOAT, he’s a hard hat guy.”

You come up as an Astro and have to play the Tribe, you’re in right field, the game is on the line, Kipnis hits a fly ball your way with the winning run on second, are you catching that ball or letting it drop? PP: “Absolutely I’m catching it, I’m making the play and winning that game” selfish.


No chance he caught that ball…

How much scouting is available in the minors do you guys get scouting reports on opposing teams? PP: “It’s pretty good, we get have a program that helps our coaches see where the other team hits the ball the most, what the pitchers like to throw in what counts, you can get all the information you want. You kinda just go over how hard he’s throwing if he has any sink or slide, what he might throw a lefty. We try not to think too much but just enough to get an idea of what you might see before you get out there.”

I’m in the opposing locker room, I’m pitching that day, I see the scouting report on Pat Porter, what’s it say? PP: “I don’t know man, scouting report on me? I don’t wanna give anything away.” Excels with a blend of power and speed, great jawline. Very underrated hair, goes unnoticed due to the hat, but will floor you off the field. Enjoys pizza, likes Miller light (minus intelligence). Can hit the power alleys with authority. Moves very well for the size of his ass. Plus arm. Reminiscent of a young, white Giancarlo Stanton.

Can you break a bat over your leg?  PP: “Yeah, but the adrenaline has to be pumping” cocaine’s a hell of a drug

If steroids came back to baseball, would you hop on that train? PP: “I don’t think so, what would Jim Thome do?” I’m soft

Celebrity crush? PP: “Jennifer Aniston”


You played high school football, you were a running back, could you quarterback the Browns right now? PP: “I did play a little bit of quarterback in high school, I think I probably could.” I’m being modest and respectful, I think a teenager with a drug problem could quarterback the Browns

Johnny press conference

Johnny thinks so too Pat…


HUGE thank you to Pat for being our first guest. Full interview audio is below. Naturally the first run probably won’t be our best, but when we get that offseason update with Pat slinging Christmas trees we hope to have a much more polished production for everyone. Thank you again to Pat, if you see him around town this offseason, maybe buy a Christmas tree from him, and be sure to show him some love.

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