Cleveland Round-Ups

Cleveland Round-Up 8/10/16: Bauer Leads Tito-less Tribe, Brown’s Giving Moizoos Opportunity In Year Two


Sick Day for Tito: We will find out more as the day progresses (hopefully good things) but what we know right now is that Terry Francona missed yesterday’s game in Washington after complaining of chest pains. If Terry Francona dies, I will blame this on LeBron. There is simply no way around it. Cavs win the championship and LeBron has to watch the best rotation in baseball stealing all of his shine. LeBron has a proven track record of murdering head coaches in Cleveland – see Mike Brown & David Blatt – so there really isn’t any doubt in my mind he is involved somehow. On a serious note, the last thing the Indians need is for Tito to be gone long term. The team has  dropped some winnable games (bullpen implosions vs Baltimore & 3 games vs Minnesota) to post an 11-11 record since the all-star break. Meanwhile, the Tigers have gone 14-10 over that same time span and sit an unsettling 3.5 games back. All in all, let’s just hope Tito ate one too many hot dogs before the game and had a little heartburn.

D.C. Experiences Bauer Outage: Bauer stepped up BIG for the Tribe last night going toe-to-toe with Max Scherzer who carried a no-hitter into the 7th inning. No doubt in my mind Scherzer’s near no-no motivated Bauer. Bauer is the one guy you need on every team who has about seven screws loose. You may recall, Tito called on Bauer to pitch the last five innings of the 19-inning marathon that the Indians won over Toronto in July. He was supposed to start the next day and after the game reporters jokingly asked “are you going to start tomorrow? Do you know how many pitches you threw?” Bauer looked him dead in the eye and said “Start me, I don’t care.”  Bauer threw 83 pitches and would’ve enjoyed throwing 83 more the next day. The guy simply can’t be trusted (see boxing gloves below) and in this case, that is a great thing.


Moizoos Stepping Up In Berea: Northwestern product Ibraheim Campbell Moizoos is going from a guy with a fun name to an NFL starter in his second year with the Browns. Frankly, I think this is terrifying as Northwestern is allowed a maximum of two alumni starting in the NFL. Now, it comes as no surprise that one of those jobs has finally made it to Cleveland, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it. Remember when Pro-Bowler T.J. Ward was our strong safety? Well, now it’s this guy…


Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly rooting for the guy, he has a great name and I’ve spent a large amount of my life minutes away from NU. That said, I know how Northwestern recruits and they don’t recruit NFL talent. That is not a knock on Northwestern, they just actually uphold their academic standards. So needless to say, I am skeptical. However, Ibraheim’s talent level is only part of my skepticism, I am more worried about the fact that he is getting most of his looks against RGIII. I will be expecting some growing pains when he finally plays against NFL quarterbacks.


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