Browns Football

BREAKING: RGIII Named Browns Starting Quarterback


And so it officially begins, the RGIII era in Cleveland is upon us. I like this move for a few reasons and none of them have actually anything to do with RGIII on a football field. First and foremost, for the first time in recent memory, the Browns have solidified their starter prior to the first preseason game. No more splitting reps, no more split locker room, the Browns can now use the rest of training camp to rally around their guy. Second, you are actually protecting a valuable asset in Josh McCown. It is obvious that McCown isn’t going into the hall of fame, but he also isn’t going into the hall of lame…


…Robert liked that one… Seriously though, McCown is a  serviceable back-up and could be worth something to a team like Dallas or another playoff contender if QB1 goes down mid-season. Keeping Josh on the bench allows for him not to die before we can hopefully trade him for something of value down the road. Ironic that the Browns may have one of the worst starting QBs in the league but one of the best back-ups, think about that for a minute. Lastly, RGIII wants this opportunity. Only time will tell whether or not he can play, but it’s been awhile since we have had someone under center for the Browns who actually wanted to be under center for the Browns. It wasn’t Johnny, McCown is a journeymen, Austin Davis can’t count, Jason Campbell doesn’t know where he is, Weeden could never get out of Dalton’s ginger shadow #HOHOhio, and Colt McCoy was just happy to finish each game in one piece. The best QB play we have had came from Hoyer, a guy who wanted to be there. Griffin at least brings that to the table.

Things I don’t like about this move. Robert Griffin III is the starting QB of the Cleveland Browns. Maybe he can turn his career around and I truly hope he does, I think he is a good person who works hard. That said, what have we seen to date? An instagram account that belongs to a teenage girl #nopressurenodiamonds, and the knees to go with it.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. I know it was retired a while ago, but the Browns QB jersey shall live on here. The fact that it was retired actually pisses me off. You think the Cavs winning a championship excuses the decades of bullshit we have had to put up with from the Browns? It certainly does not. I will continue to mock them until our team improves. Updated jersey below, you’re welcome.


Lastly, I have always thought RGIII looks like Uncle Deadly. Really hope I can get some more people on this train. Would love to get #TeamDeadly rolling around the streets. Thanks for the support guys.


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