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Gordon Reinstated, Baylor Browns Set Sights on Big 12 Title and CFP


Week 4 the Browns get number 12 back. He will be a welcome addition to the Browns who won a whopping 4 games last year. Though Gordon has been a Brown for some time now, this offseason, the Browns added a few guys who are familiar with high powered offense and sexual assault cover ups went to Baylor as well…

Yup, that is a lot of green (Gordon’s favorite color) on the Browns offense this year. Gordon has great length which will compliment Coleman who is a speedster, but lacks size. What he lacks in size he makes up for with intelligence, which became evident on draft day when he was visually upset after being drafted by Cleveland and was rumored to have texted Antonio Brown; “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… Smfh bruh!  Can you get me out of Cleveland and save my career?”

Most prospects are delighted to be taken by any NFL team, but Coleman was smart enough to see right through the ugly uniforms, fat women, and QB graveyard – something he (like everyone else with a brain) thought would be passed on to Laquon Treadwell, the obvious pick for the Browns at that spot. But in Jonah Hill we trust and the Browns now have three Bears looking to light it up as they did in College.

The good news, the NFL and NCAA have agreed to let the Browns participate in the Big 12 this year as their conference looks to expand in efforts to get someone in the CFP. All the same, the Browns are a joke and have no shot of making the NFL playoffs this year and will look to gain valuable playoff experience at the NCAA level. Now if only there was a coach familiar with these players looking for a job…Baylor_Art_Briles

Your move Jonah.


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